4 Week Bootcamp with Business Coach and Project Manager Leslie Klatt

Program starts July 6 - 31

  • Design your own unique 100K Framework to surge ahead in your industry without the hustle and burnout!
  •  Eliminate procrastination, focus on prioritization, and do the things that will get you the income you desire!
  • Learn to evaluate, tweak, and slam dunk your offers, messaging, and performance to make every action like fertilizer for growth!

Join NOW and get started this week!

It's not going to be a hustle anymore!! 
Impact Income will finally get organized and focused on the tasks that 
generate your income!
We will be taking action packed steps every day to:
Create and Clarify your unique offer: 
course, programs, service packages
Develop Killer Campaigns: Messaging, Lead Generation to attract ideal clients!
Plan your: 
Impactful Schedule, reach your clients where they are.
Set up your Media Strategy:
Value offers and calls to action that light the fire and convert!
>> Go from hustling to impactful execution!

>> Sales calls anxiety, to nailing it every time!

>> Procrastination, to ahead of the game!

>> From hoping, to knowing for sure!

>> Go from struggle, to kicking aces!
When you start approaching every action like its own launch project, 
you'll never look back.
The BEST part is, you get to create your own unique templates that you can use time and time again, posting, engagement, pitching, value offers and sales will become second nature and your business, your clients, and your income will flow with more ease than you ever thought possible!

You don't have to put your goals on hold anymore!

Even when the kids are unruly, you're tired as heck, your day, week, or month has been turned upside down, your business will continue to grow because you will be showing up consistently.
 WARNING: You're going to grow your business more over the next 4 weeks than you have since you started!
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